Nail Polish Remover

If you are addicted with nail polish at some point there is a need for nail polish remover. There are variety of choices found in the market from fumes, acetones and more. There is also the topic of efficiency when it comes to brands. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task because this isn't just about selecting a polish remover. There are actually two choices you have to make when it comes to nail polish remover. One is to select from different formulations from liquid ones to pre soaked kind. You can select whether it contains acetones or not. Acetone free removers are less drying on the nail. There are times when nail removers contain fruit solvent like methyl pentane and ethyl acetate to substitute for acetone. Remember the exposure to acetone can be bad for the health. It contains harmful fumes. The drawback is that acetone free kind of nail removers is not that effective. It can lead you to using more that can increase your chances of being exposed to fumes. This is really a matter of your preference. If you have a pale polish and concerned about using solvents then it best to select acetone free kind. For darker colored nails, go for the one with acetone for effective use. There are tools to use for nail polish remover. You can select from cotton balls, cosmetics pads or paper towels. It is all dependent on preference. There are cotton balls that can leave fibers. Puff can disintegrate. Paper towels can shred. It is really up to you what kind of tools you have to use. It is best to experiment and consider which one is the best. Overall it is best to opt for traditional ones like cotton balls. It is much easier to get hold off. Once you have chosen the tools then assemble them. Wash your hands and dry it. Spread a towel flat on the surface. Make sure to have extra nearby in case there are some accidental spills. Use cotton tips especially for darker colors nail polish. Soak the applicator with the nail polish remover. Instead of scrubbing it up and down, press it to the nails. Hold it for few minutes. While applying pressure, wipe it down across the nails. Do this until the nail polish is removed. Repeat the process for each nail. After the nail polish is removed, wash your hands thoroughly.